Cinestream Phantom cameras

Cinestream: what is it ?

It is an accessory for "v" series Phantom cameras with the CineMag interface (vXX0, vXX1, vXX2, vXX10, vXX11, vXX12, vXX12.1, HD/65, Flex 2K and Flex 4K). It contains a powerful Xilinx FGPA of type Virtex 6, XC6VLX240T. Easily modifiable for your application, it is a module to adapt to your application. Many output options: images, low-speed, high speed.

In what context can it be used?

The Cinestream has no specific use but can be programmed for different applications. Here are some examples :

- Real-time image processing as well as application of filters or effects on the high-speed image stream

- Data reduction: tracking of particles (only the position of the particles is taken out and not the whole image)

- Analysis of the shape of objects or their position - Real-time feedback loops: control of motors, valves, pumps etc. based on real-time image analysis.